Caverns of the Lost Miner


A logic game for Atari 800XL and compatible computers and also for the Atari 5200 console. Your goal is to guide the lost miner through dangerous caves and collect all diamonds in each cave.

The game is inspired by the Super Miner. Version C of this game has been released in the FLOP diskmag.


Distribution archive (version D): calomind.tar.gz
The archive contains source code, binaries (monolithic and segmented) and game data.


Atari 5200 version

The game is almost identical to the Atari 800XL version, except the main menu.

There are two variants of the game. A primary variant that has controls same as the Atari 800XL version, and an alternative variant with controls more suitable for the nature of the 5200 controllers.


Distribution archive:
The archive contains cartridge images (32 KB), source code, and game data.